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Consultant Comments

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-Bill Moyes, Moyes Research Associates
  "Peter has a way of producing spots that gets the viewer's attention... He also has a way of making the station that he's doing it for look 'today,' look very hip and fun. He's definitely a guy worth talking to."

-Alan Burns & Associates
  "Peter goes at it from how are we going to visually communicate this message because television is a visual medium. Peter is I think probably the producer who best understands what radio needs to do on television."

-Brian DePoe, CHFM Calgary
  "We've had great results. We've had more street buzz and we're definitely getting a better response with this campaign than anything else we've ever done."

-Greg Strassel, WBMX Boston
  "Peter is not into a lot of 'bs.' Peter is into basically taking your needs and getting the job done and that's the thing I like about him the best. He listens and he delivers."

-John Cullen, President/COO, Gulfstar
  "Peter Rosler has the unique ability to get non-actors to say real things into a camera in a very convincing way. There's probably no better spokesperson for a radio station than the listener."

-Guy Zapoleon, Zapoleon Media Strategies
  "I look for a great TV spot to have the ability to brand a product in the listener's mind which I believe Rosler really does provide with his products."

-Mike McVay, McVay Media
  "The big thing I look for is a commercial that's going to fit the strategy of the radio station. The thing that's great with Peter Rosler is that he is truly a strategist. This man comes from an advertising world background. He's not a radio guy who has a camera. He understands how to sell messages regardless of what the product is."

-Dan Vallie, Vallie-Richards Consulting
  "The Rosler spots I've been associated with work because of a good understanding of the strategy of the station and then communicating clearly the message that was originally intended."

-Bob Lowry, R.M. Lowry & Company
  "Peter is extremely cooperative and very helpful. He delivers what he promises on time and on budget. His word is good and his product is first rate. I think Peter is able to get real people to sound like real people, which is an incredible skill, and his messages are very well focused."

-Dan Vallie, Vallie-Richards Consulting
  "As Windy is showing going from nowhere to being a real 25-54 player in that tough Chicago market, we're doing it with Rosler campaign that was right for Windy and brought terrific cume to the station."

-Guy Zapoleon, Zapoleon Media Strategies
  "Spots like the Checkerboard and Click On are really tremendous breakthrough spots for positioning a radio station. I think they are extremely effective."

-Jon Coleman, Coleman Research
  "I think the best thing about working with Peter is he converts strategic messages into visual TV campaigns that are effective, versus other people who cannot marry the two. Peter can marry strategic objectives and visual aspects of television better than anybody else I know."

-Tom Holt, PD, WWLI, E. Providence
  "Thanks for a truly memorable TV campaign.
Not only was LITE 105 #1 Persons 12+, #1 Persons 25-54, #1 Women 25-54, #1 Women 12+, #1 Women 18+ and #1 Persons 18+, but our goal of increasing CUME was achieved... 49% CUME increase Persons 35-44 over 2 books.
The (REALPEOPLE) campaign was exactly what the doctor ordered for this radio station. Thanks for helping us prove that LITE 105 isn't that "sleepy elevator music station anymore!'
Peter, the next question is: "How do you top that?"
We look forward to the next campaign. "

-Pat Reedy, GM, KOSY, Salt Lake City
  "Peter, I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend the 'DRAW THE LINE' TV campaign without reservation for soft AC's trying to own the soft image.
W25-54, a 450% increase from 0.9 to 4.1. CUME shot up 122%. In W45-54 we saw our biggest increases, 1.7 to 6.0. And in the money demo of A 25-54, we started at a .7 and debuted with a 2.4.
It should be noted that our direct competitor, a double digit 25-54 station for the last ten years fell to a 7.3."

-Mark Renier, GM, WNNX, Atlanta
  "Congratulations on helping 99X achieve its best Fall Book! For the first time in recent history, Atlanta has a new #1 morning drive team for young adults. 99X has bumped V-103 for the highest rank 18-34. Our CUME is in the 450K-470K range. We over delivered on our goals and could not be more satisfied.
Thank you for your hard work and patience. You put yourself in the middle of the creative versus marketing issues. You worked with new talent, ever-changing scenarios and an Atlanta shoot. It meant a lot. It paid off! "

-Bill Moyes, Refering to WSNY, Columbus   "It's the best AC spot I've seen in 5 or 6 years."

-Brian Kelly, PD, WMYX, Milwaukee Refering to 'Cover Your Market'   "It's the best spot ever run in this market!"

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